Laser rejuvenation

rejuvenation is performed with the UltraPulse ® CO2 laser. The upper layers of the skin are vaporized with the laser energy. This removes all superficial changes such as age warts, pigment spots or fine and medium-deep wrinkles.

The skin is regenerated from the deeper skin layers and has a radiant, youthful appearance.

The result of the treatment persists for many years despite further aging. This method is also suitable for treating acne scars.

Before CO2 laser rejuvenation After CO2 laser rejuvenation

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Behandlung des Handrückens zur Hautverjüngerung
Nahaufnahme einer CO2 - Laserbehandlung am Handrücken
Darstellung von Stirnfalten und Pigmentflecken vor einer Laserbehandlung
Darstellung einer geglätten Stirn in Folge einer Hautstraffung

Individual consultation

Individual consultation: We would be happy to consult you extensively on the individual examinations and treatment options in one of our offices. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment online.