Venous thrombosis

In venous thrombosis, a vein becomes blocked by a clot. The cause of a thrombosis can be varied. Immobility due to illness, operations, after childbirth and sitting for long periods (long-haul flights – travel thrombosis) are often the cause of thrombosis. Hormone treatments (the pill) also increase the risk of thrombosis. Some patients have an inborn error of certain coagulation factors (APC resistance, lack of antithrombin III, protein C and S). A thrombosis can also develop in severe diseases (inflammation, cancer) and is often an indication of the underlying disease.

Darstellung von verhärteten Venen und Rötungen im Bereich der Kniehöhlen und Waden
Illustration eines Blutgerinnsels auf mikroskopischer Ebene

Thrombosis of the superficial veins:

There is a painful reddening and hardening along a superficial vein. The therapy depends on the extent of the thrombosis and the size of the affected vessel. In the case of minor phlebitis, local measures such as heparin ointments and wearing a compression stocking are sufficient. In some cases, therapy with blood-thinning medication is necessary.

Deep vein thrombosis:

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