Eyelid lift


The slackening of the skin on the eyelids leads to a tired appearance and, if it is more pronounced on the upper eyelids, also to a visual impairment due to the restriction of the field of vision ( blepharochalasis ). So-called tear sacs form in the lower limbs.

What is a tear sac?

Excess skin can occur on both the upper and lower eyelids due to the slackening of the skin. If there is also weakness in the septum of the orbit, there may also be bulging of the orbital fat tissue under the skin. This is called a lachrymal sac, although it has nothing to do with the tear duct.

How is blepharoplasty performed?

In most cases, the eyelid lift can be performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The marked excess skin is removed and, if necessary, the bulging fatty tissue as well. The wound is closed with very fine skin sutures that are removed after about 6 days.

Previously Afterward

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Are you swollen after the operation?

Some swelling is normal afterwards and bruising may also occur. In most cases, both disappear after 2-3 weeks. The scars are almost invisible after a while.

Bild der gekennzeichneten Augenpartie, die durch Augenlidstraffung angehoben werden soll
Nahaufnahme der Augenpartie einer Frau, nach einer Augenlidstraffung, die noch nicht ausgeheilt ist

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