Skin surgeries

Tumor Surgery - Skin Cancer Surgery

As part of tumor surgery, we remove both malignant skin tumors (melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma) and benign changes in the skin (birthmarks, dermatofibromas, lipomas, acne scars, keloids).

A complete removal of the tumor is controlled by a 3D processing of the removed piece of skin and thus a recurrence is prevented. In some cases, an intraoperative frozen section control is also performed.

Larger tumors often result in large skin defects that cannot be closed primarily. Here we use special surgical techniques such as displacement – transpositions or rotation plastics or skin transplants (full skin or split skin) for wound closure.

Postoperatively, we take care of a good scar formation that is as inconspicuous as possible. Another regular check of the patient’s skin after skin cancer surgery with the digital reflected light microscope and the check of necessary blood tests and ultrasound checks are an integral part of therapy and prevention for our tumor patients.

Vein Operations

We carry out the preliminary examination for venous diseases ourselves with the color-coded duplex ultrasound!

We are particularly specialized and international leaders in the treatment of varicose veins using minimally invasive vein therapy with various endovenous catheter methods (ClosureFAST ®, Laser, VenaSealTM).

In the advanced stage of chronic venous diseases and thrombosis (postthrombotic syndrome), we cover wounds with split skin or full skin to speed up the healing of the leg ulcers.

Aesthetic Operations

Bild eines nackten Beines, bei der Behandlung im Rahmen einer Fettabsaugung

(Arms, legs, stomach and hips, breeches, double chin)

Bild von mit Fett gefüllten Spritzen, nach einer Behandlung im Rahmen einer Fettabsaugung

fat grafts

Behandlung des Handrückens zur Hautverjüngerung

Laser rejuvenation
(laser skin resurfacing, lifting without scalpel)

Bild einer lachenden jungen Frau, die neben einer älteren lachenden Frau steht. Beide Frauen neigen den Kopf zu einandern.

anti-aging treatments
(Peeling, IPL, collagen induction, botox, fillers, PDT)

Individual consultation

Individual consultation: We would be happy to consult you extensively on the individual examinations and treatment options in one of our offices. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment online.