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A good opportunity for a skin checkup would be during summer!

During the summer months, our own body perception is more critical than usual. Not only extra pounds, but also the skin is meticulously eyed and many little imperfections can become disturbing.

However, new or altered birthmarks are not only an aesthetic problem but can also be a melanoma – one of the most virulent skin cancers. If detected on time and surgically removed, serious consequences for the patient can be avoided.

In order to avoid “unpleasant surprises”, it is advisable to have a yearly skin or birthmark checkup with a dermatologist.

This is best done with a digital reflected light microscope, where suspicious lesions can be photographically documented and, if necessary, compared and examined at a later date.

Depending on the skin type and individual inclination, you may have multiple moles or pigment lesions. To keep track of those, we offer a digital Full Body Mapping: The entire body is photographed using a high-resolution camera and the individual lesions are “cataloged”. At the next skin check, the device recognizes new or altered birthmarks, which can then be examined more accurately with the reflected-light microscope.